Sunday, 23 August 2015

Misty eyes

We left her with tears in her eyes, in the dusk of a Thane night.

Standing outside our centre, our paths seperated.

She walked off... to where - I do not even know where she lives.

We will call her Meera.

Meera had come to our Sunday evening Good News meeting.  Anil had shared about how God loves us even when we are lost - and how heaven rejoices when even one lost one comes home.  

After the time together we prayed.  

There were only 3 Eichers at the evening meeting - Oma, Yohan and myself since Sheba, Enoch and I had arrived from New Delhi early this morning and plunged straight back into life here.   Sheba did visits to JSK in the morning before church and in the mid afternoon.  The Eicher home tuition team was in full swing in the afternoon as Enoch has a Marathi test tomorrow.  Opa and Oma had worshipped earlier in the day at the Bethesda Fellowship where Dad shared, and then they had had lunch with Dr. Stephen and Claire Alfred and the throng that gathered there.

Meera had been prayed with by Oma and Sandhya when we broke up into small groups for prayer after the meeting.

I then wandered down the hall to meet the two men who are admitted at the JSK centre.  A short time with each of them and their families and I was back, ready to go home.

Oma was with Meera near the exit.

Meera asked me to pray for her husband.  He has terrible back pains.  Is not able to work.  He has been on medication.  It all seems to hopeless.

Last week he had come to the meeting.  This week he cannot.  Meera had tears in her eyes.

We prayed in the hall.  A simple prayer to Jesus.  My faith is no superfaith.  Just shreds of hope and a request directed to the One who loves. 

Meera's eyes are wet with tears.  Oma hugs her.

As Oma, Yohan and myself walk with Meera to the gate, 

It is time to part ways.  Meera's eyes still have tears.  What does my heart say?  Is their any real hope for her husband?

How I wish we had a great red button that could be pressed and make 'everything all right.'

We don't.

And so we pray.  We left her with tears in her eyes.

Would that the tears become replaced by joy in the morning.  

We will see.  Our eyes are misty too.

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