Friday, 7 August 2015

Chemo round 4 begins...

Dad was in and out of chemotherapy today.

We started chemo round 4 after meeting with his oncologist Dr. Ashish Bakshi last night.  Dad's blood counts were decent and his ultrasound, x-ray and CA19 tests did not show anything untoward.  Dad has completed 3 cycles of the 6 cycles of chemotherapy drugs that Dr. Bakshi has prescribed.  So far, so very good.

And so this morning Dad and Mum went over by autorickshaw to Bethany be checked in for his drug administration by the chemo nurses.  Dad likes the 5th floor of Bethany and so when he went up to the room he was assigned - he was surprised to find it occupied by another patient.  With the monsoon time, hospital beds are at a premium.  No problem for Dad.  A little adjustment from the good folks at Bethany and up he was on the 6th floor in a private room with a view framed by the spur of the Pokhran hills of Borivali National Park.

The actual administration of the chemo drugs took a surprisingly short period of time.

I looked in at just after 1 PM, and found that Dad was having his last drops of the meds go into his chemo-port (and which sends the chemo into his heart and off merrily to the rest of the body).

Another small surprise was that the chemo-nurse was a sister.  Yes, most nurses in India are called sisters - but this was a sister sister - a Carmellite Nun.

Dad asked her whether she was living with other nuns, and she said yes - that she was with 4 other of her order.

I have seen her in the past, arrive at Bethany hospital on her scooter.  She wears a white habit along with her white nurses uniform - the only one in this hospital to do so.  After Dad was taken off the drip, she explained him the discharge summary - and he was free to leave.

And so by 2 PM we were walking out of the hospital - with Dad greeting all and sundry.  They love him here and he loves them.  Each person with a smile and an encouragement and a question about how he is... and he in turn with a word or two to cheer them up.

Earlier in the day, the indefatiguable bro Robbie Andrews had come by to pray with Dad.  He has a list of people admitted at the hospital and offers to pray with anyone who is willing.  Dad asked him a bit about his life, and uncle Robbie shared how he had come to Christ and has been a member of the Fort Assembly for 70 years.  That's right - seven zero!   Robbie's age?  A sprightly 89, running 90!

God is good.  We were joined on the way home by our dear friends John and Nalini Gabriel.  John turned 46 today (he is in good company) and came over to meet Mum and Dad and be prayed for. When Asha and Enoch got back at 3.45 we had a song and cake.

Life continues with big dollops of grace.  We talked for the first time last night about the end of the chemo.  Looks like sometime in November at this pace.  The oncologist said we will do a full body CT scan and then...  perhaps radiation?  Lets see what happens.

For now, we are very, very grateful.

One day at at time, sweet Jesus....

Birthday boy John Gabriel on the right with an assortment of Eichers in various poses arrayed along the left...

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