Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wednesday = Chemoday

From now on Wednesdays are going to be chemo-days for us.

Dad had his second dose yesterday.  We checked him in to Bethany Hospital at 9 AM.  When I stopped by at 1 PM he was resting in his bed - his dose had been given and his chemoport nicely covered with water-proof tape.  In the other side of the room was a 96 year old lady.  On the cot beside Dad was Mum - snoozing deeply.  I mouthed a few words to Dad to call me when it was time to go and went back outside into the heat.

Why was Mum snoozing at midday?  Well, the heat for one - but also because she did a stress test for her heart.  Mum's pulse is much lower than it should be and her heart output is also lower than expected.  So the stress test was to try and see what the next steps should be.  The young doctor who was conducting it kept asking her if she had any pain.  She didn't.  She kept walking faster on the treatmill.  Mum had done a similar test a few years ago and was getting ready to start running at the end.  The doc didn't allow her.  He kept asking if she was finding it hard, whether there was any pain.  She kept saying no, and continuing to merrily walk on the treadmill.  They don't call her 'mountain goat' for nothing!

It looks like the stress test was more stressful for the doc than for Mum.  Sheba was with Mum during the test and the cardiologist suggested that Mum take some meds for 6 months and then see him again.   A big relief for us all.

Dad has been doing super based on the first 2 doses.  He is in good spirits, does not feel nauseated, is weak but is able to go for short walks, has started answering some of the hundreds of emails that are waiting for him (a sure sign of health!).  We know that it is still early days - and we have 16 doses to go, but we are so grateful for all your prayers at this time.

Could we ask you to also pray for a very very dear friend of Mum and Dad - bro Geoff Richards?  Geoff and Dad were very special friends from the days of their ministering together in various forum in India in the mid-sixties - both wearing white kurta-pyjamas more often than not.  Uncle Geoff has been living with cancer for many years - and has travelled the glove ministering in his own special way to people while dealing with the rebellion inside his body.  But currently uncle Geoff is in much pain as the cancer continues to do its work.  We received a letter from his son Jeremy today which ended this way:

We would ask for your continued prayers, particularly for Dad as his pain levels have increased markedly these last couple of days, leading to Fiona going with him to the hospital this morning. He is now at the palliative care hospital where he will be in order for pain management to be properly worked out. We want to see him as pain-free as possible and in comfort, and the patches are not adequate now. Please pray for wisdom for the care team.

In light of the move and Dad's needs, we as a family must keep looking to the Lord for every step.

Thankyou all once again, and we are glad of your love!

Jeremy & Mary, Fiona & Mark

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