Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Chemo - dose 2

We have dose 2 of Dad's chemotherapy coming up tomorrow morning.

His first dose last Wednesday went like a dream.  Back on the 5th floor of Bethany hospital with a whole army of nurses who had cared for him over the weeks of his surgery and post-op time, Dad was being cared for very well.   The drips went in - including the chemo - without any fuss.   And then the whole week since then Dad has been fine.  Really fine.

One down.  Seventeen to go.  We won't complain if this is what the next 6 months are like.

This evening we met with Dr. Bakshi, Dad's oncologist.  He was happy that Dad has not had any complaints.  He was happy with the blood tests.  Full speed ahead then for tomorrow.

We should have Dad report to Bethany Hospital at 9 am and get assigned a bed - and then have the chemo administered over the the next 2 hours or so.  He should be home by noon.

We have been so blessed so far by so many prayers and expressions of love.  We hope tomorrow will be blessedly normal.


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