Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Summer flowers

Summer in Thane has its own joys.  Amid the simmering stifling heat, the local trees decide to deck themselves with colour.   A few weeks ago there were shimmering purples.  Now we have yellows....

and then there is the bright redness of the gul-mohar just outside our kitchen windows (pictures taken by our flower loving Oma of course).

 Yesterday brought a bouquet of flowers of a different kind too...

Sheba and I had just been to Bethany Hospital to get an appointment for Mum (yes, she has some health issues too - but we will share those on another day).  Sheba was just parking the Papaya in our normal parking spot at home when her phone rang.  It was Prisci, saying that her father uncle Selvanayagam was at Bethany and would like to meet Dad.

In a flash the Papaya was back on the road up to Bethany to pick up Uncle - and with him the double surprise of 2 of his three daughters!

Uncle has been struggling with Parkinson's disease for the past few months - and the last time that we met had been quite slurred.  It was so good to see him this time.  He speaks very softly now, and slowly, so you have to come close and hang on to every word - but this is the same Uncle who has been such a blessing to all of us!

And what flowers did he bring with him?  Well - two of his three daughters - who were like sisters to her when Sheba was studying medicine at Cuttack - and still are.  And you know what happens when family come together - laughter flowed freely for one...

Asha graced us with a short recital...

And we had to have Uncle share from the word before he left.  And so he did.  Uncle has been praying for Yohan ever since he heard about Yohan joining our family at the end of January this year.  So it was a special joy for him to have Yohan sit next to him as Uncle Selvanayagam shared.

We could hardly hear what Uncle was saying - but each word was pure gold.  What an honour to have the saints come to be with us - even if for only a very short time.

How much we wish we could be with our loved ones all the time - but when they do come for the odd sliver to time - even on a hot summer afternoon in Thane - it is like dew to the soul.

We will take bouquets like these anytime!

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  1. Blessed every time I read a portion of the narrative of your life. Thank you!