Thursday, 3 May 2012

Taller than Enoch

We are well into the final countdown.

The flight commanders are tense.

Mission control is full of people who have bitten their nails down.

Cups of old coffee sit untouched as all eyes are on the screen.

The big number keeps going down.

Procedure after procedure is rattled off.

Will everything work after so many years of planning for this day ... so many thousands and thousands of man-hours invested in a single propulsion that will take a small capsule into the great unknown of space?

The margin for error has always been zero.  But here we are, with the hopes of a nation pinned on a select few holed up hundreds of meters above the ground.

With a colossal amount of explosive beneath them - waiting for the controlled ignition which will - hopefully - fling them out of earth's orbit.

In the mean time the tasks keep getting ticked off.  Blast-off is now not some distant dream - it is the almost here and now.

This and a hundred other stories are played out in the Eicher home during summer holidays!

After a long time Enoch and his Daddy got together to do some serious lego work.

Here is the result.  Our best rocket yet.  Taller than Enoch!

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