Wednesday, 9 May 2012

3 little men

Asha and Enoch are part of a cloud of 9 cousins spread over the Eicher and Rajan families.  Males are seriously under-represented - with the newest addition - our dear Amira - being another wonderful girl!

But our 3 little men are there - filling a 1/3 quota of sorts - and blossoming just as well as the lovely little ladies!

Here are a few milestones from oldest to youngest:

Enoch's standard 3 class at Vasant Vihar School - there are 10 other such classes in his standard - and over 7000 students in the school!   Enoch is in the top row 7th from left.  This is the first photo I have ever scanned!

 Enoch finished class 3 and now is about to enter 4th standard in June.  His teacher was very happy with him - and told me that 'you don't have to worry at all.'   The good thing is that we have not been doing so.  The only cryptic thing on his report card was the statement - 'should read more books to expand his vocabulary.'  This is most probably a computer generated random statement - since it also appeared on Asha's report card.  I would wager that Asha and Enoch read more books than the next 3 readers in their class put together.  The two are virtually insatiable bookworms (currently devouring Enid Bliytons).

Up in Delhi town we have this latest step forward in life by cousin Ashish (who we are gearing up to see in Mussoorie in 10 days and counting down!).

The statement he made to Stefan was 'Look Daddy!"  At the ripe young age of 43, how I wish my teeth were falling out because there were others coming in behind them!

Meanwhile across the oceans - on the other side of the globe young Shofar is growing too!

How is this for a smile!  I think I don't need a light in this room if this picture is on my monitor!

Congrats 3 little men - for the great joys to us that you are.  We hope you will all get to meet one day!  Till then - keep growing.

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