Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nano Day

The Eichers have a new family member today.

No, it isn't a flesh-n-blood child - though we are always open to what God wants for us.

Rather its a new steed - a bright orange Nano car.

Its so new that we haven't christened her yet.

We just picked it up from the showroom - and had a dear friend of ours - Devraj drive it home.  I have not driven for over 20 years - and so need to do some serious practice (though my license is still valid!).

Before taking it home we did have a spin behind our old home in Happy Valley. It was a joy to take this little baby and have her move around smoothly.  I will need some more practice to be sure - esp. when going up hills and parking - but the first impressions are that this car is perfect for Thane.  Its tiny (on the outside - not too bad inside) - it turns on a 1 rupee coin (and we all know how small those are getting these days) - it has a fuel efficiency of at least 20 kms to the litre (they say 25 but we all know that real life is different from ads).

Above all, its a miracle car for us as a family - the result of lots of significant gifts from different friends which have been pooled together to get over the hump and have a 'four-wheeler.'

Four years ago I wrote about the Nano.  The car has not turned the world upside down as some thought it might.  Political problems and higher prices meant that it has gone well past the Rs. 100,000/- price tag it was aimed at.  But it remains a marvelous piece of 'frugal engineering' (The Economist has some ideas about that here) and we think that it really is value for money.

Welcome orange friend!

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  1. The colour is lovely and the name 'papaya' is just perfect!