Monday, 28 November 2011

A mini concert

Asha and Enoch love to sing and play.  One of the joys we have is seeing them develop their musical skills.

They both have excellent teachers - Elaine Thomas is guiding Asha with the violin and Trevor Ross helps Enoch with the keyboard.  Both teachers see the music the kids are making as not just a set of notes and skills - but as an expression of praise to God himself.

Here is a small snippet of one of the songs they are playing these days.

If you come home - it may take a few minutes for Asha and Enoch to warm up to you.  But should they get the violin and keyboard out - then you are in for a treat of at least 3 songs of not more.

What a difference from my musically challenged childhood.  My mother - bless her heart - tried so hard to coax something musical out of me.  We went through the piano, recorder and finally guitar.  Mum tried to teach me the first - and got me to go for recorder lessons and finally paid good money for guitar tutoring.  But of no avail.  I was too lazy and uninterested.  How different this next gen is.  Yes, we do need the occasional ''strong suggestion" to have our twosome practice their instruments - but both teachers are happy (and both parents thrilled) with what we have going.


  1. wow.... i watched it 3 times!!! beautifully sung and played by two beautiful kids.

  2. WOW! I a blown over by their talent! I see budding worship leaders! Praise God!

  3. This was amazing Andi! You should feel really proud! Praise God for their wonderful talents. May they be greatly used for God's glory. And please tell Enoch that his singing and playing together are super-impressive - something I have still not managed to do properly after so many years!!