Wednesday, 23 November 2011

13 days

I came home at noon to a teary boy.

He had not eaten breakfast.

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since Sheba went North and we went South.  We all miss her very much.  Enoch is now vocalising what is in his heart.

Yesterday night at the dinner table he asked "Mummy's not eating with us?"

Today the tears started to trickle. 

"I want to see Mummy.  And I want to see her right now"

Enoch and I went into the next room for some Lego therapy.  We made a calendar which we will now use to count down the days.  Tomorrow we will cross out the 13 by sticking a big old lego cross ontop of it.  Then we will have only 12 days left till we see Mummy.

The heart yearns.

Enoch enjoying a delicious rice and chicken curry lunch today!  His morning 'fast' made him quite hungry at lunch!  We are being wonderfully blessed by having Ammamma cook for us during these days.

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