Monday, 14 November 2011

Climbing in small dimensions

When I was small I read a book called "The Borrowers" which told a fantastic tale about a tiny family that lived below the floorboards.

There is something totally compelling about having things lived out in a small scale.  One of the joys of lego for Enoch is being able to build and play out adventures with the little figures. 

I found the following shots in our camera - Enoch has taken them all.

The scene opens on Mount Trunk.  Where the men are climbing up to get to the top of this massif.

Its a long way up and the climbers have to use ropes to make sure that they do not fall down.

Looking at the angle that Enoch took this shot, I could not help but remember my own small brush with mountaineering - many an eon ago.

The sheer thrill of climbing up - and the wonderful safety of a rope combine beautifully - in the small scale that he was playing with - and the in the large scale of his imagination.

The clinging on of another man with all his might as he looks over to the rope is another classic.

How long will he be able to hold on before a rope comes to his rescue to.

Is he trapped there - or just taking a rest while others use the rope to climb up to the top of Mount Trunk?

All of these questions can only be answered from inside the mind of Enoch as he plays with these little men.

What is clear - however - is that the top is place of rest.

Enoch has constructed a small camp site with little tents for each of the climbers - and a pretty blackened bonfire in the midde.

Successful climbers are probably swapping stories well past their bed-time....

.... which is true for your humble of this blog.  The joy of sleep has been calling me for some time now - and in a few seconds I will be sprawled in the bed next to Enoch - and beside the small folding cot that Asha is using now that Amma and Appa are in the Kids' room.

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