Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Every child is a special child.  Ask their father.  Ask their mum.
Here is what our friend Raja has to say about his son in an email we recently received:
My name is Dr Raja who was at Burroughs Memorial Christian Hospital in Alipur, Assam. I am sending out a email to raise support for treatment of my adopted son at UNC Chapel Hill, USA.

Baby Adam is 8 weeks old and was born in a small mission hospital deep in the heart of Northeastern India where Jessica and I were working . Adam was abandoned at birth due to a rare genetic disorder that caused multiple birth defects (including an absence of eyebrows, severe cleft palate and lip, absent fingers, and significant webbing on his legs). His life may have seemed hopeless in those first few hours as he was left alone in a small infant bed. Many people discussed what to make of him and his future.We named him Adam that He is in God's image since some people were telling that he is ugly and disfigured.

My wife Jessica and I felt particularly burdened to care for this child. As we went daily to wash him and care for his needs, we  began to realize that baby Adam needed a family. Even if his life and condition were uncertain, he needed a home. He could certainly sense rejection and could certainly sense love. He had found a lot of rejection but what he needed was love. Adam was officially named . He was loved and visited by many.

We took to New Delhi to be seen at the All India Institute of Medical Science for further treatment but all the options seemed hopeless. Despite a healthy heart, brain, and other internal organs, operations did not seem possible. That is, until we heard from UNC (University of North Carolina Medical School ) Chapel Hill. A team of specialists were committing their knowledge and skills to help repair Adam’s external defects. In this last few weeks, we have seen more miracles than ever before. We got Adam's passport in one day and US visa in one day....God has been so good to us. 

Baby Adam is now in Chapel Hill, NC awaiting treatment. Specialists have seen him and surgeries have been planned. We are now awaiting the necessary funds to complete treatment. Please join us in this journey. We are hoping to raise the $100,000 by Nov 30th in order to provide the 1st stage of surgeries that is needed for Adam . If you want to contribute please make checks payable to “The Baby Adam Fund” and send to The Medical Foundation of North Carolina.

Adam was given general anesthesia for central venous line today and successfully recovered. Praise God. Ever since we have adopted Adam .There were lots of encouragements and some discouragements in this process specially within 7 months of marriage adopting a special need child..and so on. However , we feel that God has brought Adam to our life with a purpose and asking us to obedient in caring for Adam.

Please continue pray for Adam 

Some of the updates are available in the following web links:  http://www.babyadamsjourney.com/ 

I will really appreciate if you can pass this information on.

Thanks .

In Him

Chapel Hill ,North Carolina.

Dr.Raja Paulraj
Consultant Psychiatrist
Herbertpur Christian Hospital
P.O. Herbertpur, Distt. Dehradun
Uttarakhand - 248 142

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