Thursday, 3 July 2014

A very special girl

Every girl is special.

And here is the on-going happy story of one who is very special to us as a family.

Introducing Ruth Netanya!

Last week Ruth came to our home with her new parents - Nagesh and Vasundhara.  We know Nagesh and Vasundhara from Vishakapatnam where they worship together with Amma and Appa.   Nagesh works for the steel plant and they are active in the local Hebron fellowship in Gajuaka - where Nagesh has translated for me into Telegu whenever I have been asked to speak.

Nagesh and Vasundhara have wanted to adopt a child for many years.  Last week it all worked out.  After much prayer we approached the Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission and they agreed to have little Ruth join their family.  The process of applications and the home study by a social worker took some time - and finally the great day approached.

The family drove up from Hyderabad to Kedgaon and the next day, after prayer, this precious little girl was handed over to them.  In keeping with the historic place that Mukti Mission is, the new parents visited Pandita Ramabai's room - which has been turned into a small museum - complete with a life-size picture of Pandita Ramabai.  She may have been small in stature - but was used in remarkable ways and has left a legacy that still continues to resonate.

As new parents - Nagesh and Vasundara did not come alone - with them came Nagesh's father (83 years old!), his elder sister and her husband and their teenaged daughter!  Here they meet Mrs. Saroj who is the main social worker at Mukti, and Mrs. Lorraine who is the Mission Director.

The next day was the court date in Pune where the legal hand-over took place.  And then they decided to come and see us in Thane.  We were thrilled!  And a bit surprised since we had counted on Nagesh and Vasundhara - and suddenly had a happy house full!

What a joy to know that this beautiful girl has a wonderful family to look after her.  That these lovely folks are now parents.  That our prayers are being answered in such amazing ways.

We were thrilled to have Ruth Netanya with us and to be able to pray for this wonderful family.  Hats off to the folks at Mukti and everyone else who has worked to see that Ruth has a home!

During the evening that the family spent with us Ruth just enjoyed playing with Asha and Enoch.  And did they ever enjoy being with her!

Farewell sweet princess.  May Father's love carry you forward to blossom into the woman God wants you to be.  We are so grateful for your parents and know that the Lord will blessing you as you grow up speaking Telegu and receiving love and prayers from near and far!  Hooray!

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