Sunday, 13 July 2014

A rest day

With the kids getting the bus to Bombay Scottish at 6.50 AM each day - we parents have to get up by 5 AM latest.  Read Bible - make tea - get uniforms ironed and ready - pack tiffins - wake up kids - feed not-so-hungry mouths - fill water - tiffins into bags - are the shoes polished - pray - kids out the door - wait for bus - off they whoosh towards their 8.20 school start!

So the alternate Saturday when this doesn't happen - and we don't need to be at work at 8 AM is a sheer joy.

Today was such a day.  Only woke up when the lady who takes the garbage down rang the bell since our bag was not outside.

And so with sleeping kids well after 8 AM - there was the leisure of the morning cuppa while reading the Good Book.  And then a plan to make waffles bubbles up.

Idea was good - but sadly the iron decides to eat the waffles - two attempts and two scraping offs later... the waffles turn into pan-cakes!

In the mean-time Sheba gets a call from the centre.  A patient has come.  She says she hopes to be back in an hour.

She is back at 3 PM.  So much for a rest day.

A woman with a low haemoglobin came for admission.  We had given her a blood transfusion earlier and asked her to get a bone-marrow sample done at our parent hospital.  She was given an appointment but did not tell us about it. And didn't go for the appointment.

Instead - when she got ill again she admitted herself at a pokey hospital at a huge cost.  Amazingly, the church that Drs. Emmanuel and Mokshaa worship at meets in this building.  They somehow found out that she was there - and told her to come to JSK.

She shows up on Saturday morning - our off day - but Sheba's on-day.  Since everyday is her on day when it comes to sick people.

When she came back I was reading Freedom at Midnight to the kids.  We then switched with Sheba spending some time with Asha and Enoch's homework - and I went shopping for supper.

Mum's spagetti sauce recipe was put to good use by me since we had company tonight - our dear Agnes and Annie Haokip and our JSK intern Elizabeth.

The power went out during dinner, allowing us to bring out the candles!

As Eichers we can't have guests without at least a game.  So we dug out the pictionary and had a whirl.   Then Bible and prayers...

And then Sheba went out with the ladies - over to Jeevan Sahara to see the patients on her night call.

The kids and I got our costumes ready for tomorrow night's match.  We will be wearing Black, Red and Yellow - so you can be sure we are not supporting Argentina to get a 3rd star on their football jerseys!

Sheba came back at 10.30 PM.

Dishes done.  A load in the washing machine.  Hamsters fed.  Kids in bed.

A rest day ends.

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