Saturday, 19 July 2014

A new home

Ruth playing with Asha and Enoch when she visited us with her new parents last month.  It was very special to see how these three bonded with each other so beautifully!
We recently talked to Amma and Appa - and heard that they had been visited by a very special family - Nagesh and Vasundhara and their new daughter Ruth!

It was wonderful to hear about how Ruth is so loved in her new home.  How she talks to her 'Daddy' and 'Mummy.'  How she sits next to her mummy when she is washing dishes and 'helps' out. When the clothes are dried Ruth pitches in too.  How at not even two years old she sat through the whole Sunday school session away from her mother.  How she prays fervently.  How when she laughs she also closes her eyes like her Mummy does.

The other day her Daddy was talking on the phone and left the home for his duty at the steel plant.  Seeing him leave that way, Ruth called out: 'Daddy pray!' - and so he came back in to pray with her.  Nagesh and Vasundara are so in love with their daughter - and so grateful to see who she has bonded with them.  We got an email this morning from Nagesh telling how much they see prayers being answered in their lives.

We are so glad to know that Ruth has a home.  Her Daddy is the youngest in his family - with 4 older sisters.  Each one calls daily to speak to little Ruth.  What a loving family this wonderful little girl has now!

Next month is Ruth's 2nd birthday - plans are already afoot for a celebration in Hyderabad.  Her first birthday was celebrated at Mukti Mission - and by God's grace her second will be celebrated with her parents and extended family.

Amma reported how she and Appa were charmed by the little one.   Ruth ran all around the home like a free spirit. When Amma was sweeping the house Ruth joined in too.   At one point during her visit she took one of Appa's books and went into a corner and sang lustily in Marathi.

There is a wonderful promise in scripture: God sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68.8a).  We are so happy to see this lived out in front of our eyes for a very special little girl - and a very special set of parents!

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