Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Last week was a whirl of activity around kids.

100+ kids.  In the heat.  And the joy of spending time with them.

Each child is somehow linked with our work.  Kids who have HIV.  Kids whose parents have HIV.  Kids who are neighbours / friends / relatives of kids whose parents have HIV.  Kids whose parents are volunteering at the Vacation Bible School.

We had an amazing set of teachers.  17 classes - 19 teachers.   We had a super group of volunteers.  An average of 17 per day.   We had 2 great speakers - Reuben Mathew for the 11-16 year olds - and Alankrita Singh for the 6-10 year olds.   There were games and stories and songs and small group Bible classes and food and endless cups of water and juice being brought by the volunteers.

A whirl of activity.  A swirl of faces.  A large amazing group of people gathered together for 5 days of continuous love.

Looking back its all a happy blur.

We sensed the very presence of God.

Amidst all the activity and the tiredness and the heat, there was this clarity that bound us together - God speaking to us the theme: "You are special, you are precious"....

So grateful that these kids, who receive so little love and have seen so many terrible things, have had this week of joy.

Many are already planning for the VBS next year...

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