Friday, 2 May 2014

Ready to fly

We are at John and Nalini's home.  Enoch and Jasper are playing chess "I am trying to teach Jasper how to lose."   Sheba and Nalini are with Asha and Nikita in the room - giving last minute instructions and praying with them.  John is talking on the phone and I am tapping on his computer.

Our girls are leaving on a jet plane tomorrow.

Flying across the country to the eastern coast of India - in order to spend just under 3 weeks with Dr. Mary and Dr. Catherine and their work at Love the One in Behrampur, Odisha!  Mary and Cat are amazing paediatricians whom we have had the privilege of meeting at 2 yearly intervals at the EMFI national conferences (and look forward to seeing again in October at the next one in Ludhiana this October).  They were working in the Malkangiri district and doing a remarkable work there till the kidnapping of an Italian by the maoists caused the govt. authorities to order them to leave 'for their own safety.'   To their credit, Mary and Cat have adapted and are now working out of Behrampur where they are able to touch the lives of so many children and their caregivers.

Nikita and Asha have known each other since we met up in 2001 when they were not yet a year old.  They have celebrated their birthdays since - and each year brings them closer together.

Now they are about to step out on an adventure.  Nikita's mother Nalini is dropping them off tomorrow - and I take the train to Behrampur and will be picking them up for the train ride back on the 19th evening.

So our girls will be 'on their own' for a good two weeks - helping out (we hope and trust) with an amazing group of people who are working to bless sick children.

Our hope is that these two weeks will be formational in Asha and Nikita's lives - that it will open their hearts to the needs of others - and the joy of serving.   And we also hope that they will really enjoy themselves and be sources of joy to all the folks there!

Nikita has been praying daily to Jesus that she wants to be a missionary paediatrician.  Asha (as far as I know) has not been praying anything so specifically - but we want our dear ones to stretch their wings and fly.

Do we do so with a bit of fear in our own hearts?  Of course - but here's to our lovely and loving ladies as they step out on this adventure!

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