Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hooray for cousins!

To be with cousins is to be in heaven.  Especially when you are at your grand-parents place in Shanti Kunj for the summer hols.

Not having grown up with cousins myself - with both our parents being single kids - it is wonderful to see Asha and Enoch with Ashish, Anjali and Anita.

We arrived yesterday morning.  They arrived in the afternoon.  And we have now completed a day of festivities.

Anita is the new star of the family.  With her huge smile and winsome vocabulary she has won our hearts.  Of course her happy grannie is very glad to have her - and to have the services of Asha to help out as well.

The 'doll house' at the back of Shanti Kunj is being used to the max with many games of kitchen and cooking and dollies and wabbits and other happy members of the extended Eicher family inhabiting the place.  It seems just yesterday that Asha was a small girl playing in the house - now she lovingly shepherds the two younger ones in their games.

Speaking of games - there are some wonderful sets of badminton and softball and football taking place in the front court of Shanti Kunj.   Enoch and Ashish have worked up much sweat in the enthusiasm of the games - with the older generation also being expertly recruited to add more men to the teams.

Here we see a Lionel Messi taking on.... Socrates?

Last night Enoch was thrilled to get a colourful T-shirt from Stefan and Neeru - and with Ashish getting a matching one - this is what the male cousins wore today as their uniform

 There are of course cuddles to be had.  That's what cousins are for as well!

And books to be read.  Sometimes read aloud - with Asha taking on the joy of reading for the little ones....

And comics to be devoured as well.  Enoch and Ashish wanted a 'cousin lunch' today - so they were served downstairs.  We found out that beside eating their food together, they were also consuming Asterix and Tintin comics too....

And finally, we have the Eicher band!  All our cousins are quite musical - so we do not have much quiet around here!  But it's good to have a joyful noise!

Hooray for cousins!


  1. Like that picture of eating while reading the comic books..... something that I used to do as a kid :-)

  2. What a wonderful post and to see how Ray and Christa's family has grown through the years. I adore the photo of Christa and Anita looking through the glass. Please say "Hello" from me to your parents Andi. I miss and love them!! My son Chris and family are moving to my area today. His daughters will finally be very near their cousins and they are all excited as they enjoy so much being together. Family is such a precious gift from God!!