Monday, 25 June 2012

The sun also rises

Later today an election speech will be given.

By Enoch.  In the 11 sections that make up his 4th standard.

Each section has 50 students - so that's 550 kids just in 4th standard.  By that reckonning there are over 7000 students in the whole school.

Enoch is one of the two candidates for 'head boy' of the primary section.  Only the 4th graders get to vote.  Boys vote for the 'head boy' and girls for the 'head girl.'

Enoch has been assigned the 'Sun' symbol.

He has to give a 3 sentence speech in each section.

Here it is - in full:

Good afternoon dear Friends!  My name is Enoch Eicher and my symbol is the 'Sun'.

The sun rises every morning and gives us light and joy!

In the same way, I would like to serve you as Head boy and request that you vote for me and the 'Sun' symbol.

Thank you!

Short and sweet.

Lets see how he fares!

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  1. Pray this prepares him to be a future leader in India who will be an agent of change!!