Saturday, 2 June 2012

Going down day

In boarding school the last day of school was called 'going down day.'  Most of your stuff was packed into big metal trunks which were stored up in the hostel attic - your bags were packed and you waited to put the things on the bus that would take you away.

We were crackling with expectation - holidays stretched ahead of us.

Nowadays going-down day has a very different flavour.

Its not the beginning of the hols but the end.

The whole day drags towards the time when the taxi will come and take you down.  Things are packed up in stages.  The inevitable parting looms large.

Yesterday we came down the mountain.   A last lunch on the terrace at Shanti Kunj - and finally the time was up.  A specially slow ride down the hill (to shield my back - mercifully no problems due the the skilled driver Jagdish) and a supper with our dear friends Sam and Margaret Thomas - before we finally got on the night train to Delhi.

Another holiday blissfully over.  Today we are camping in the heat of Delhi.  Tomorrow we return to Thane and the next chapter of our lives.

Going down day.


  1. I've been following your posts and pictures from Shanti Kunj; and as though I was there, I can feel some sadness imagining the end of the trip....Perhaps it says something about why we long for life after this one

  2. Yvonne & Cy2 June 2012 at 18:47

    Thinking about the blessings of family and of place when they are secure and, the in case of Shanti Kunj, beautiful.

    Hard to leave all that behind, especially when ones back is crying for more rest! So good to remember that the God who provides the mountains and 'coolth' is the One who comes with you into the heat of the valley.

  3. Thanks friends! Our unfulfilled desires *definitely* point us to 'home' where all will be put right.

    Your prayers and love as friends and fellow-pilgrims on this pathway make it all the more possible to keep going.

    We missed Priya by a whisker alas!