Monday, 4 June 2012

Coming soon to a screen near you...

A block-buster film is on its way - the still untitled movie was shot in Mussoorie by the Eicher brothers and features various talents of the next-gen Eichers.

Stefan is currently burning the mid-night oil with the post-production work.

Here are some of the behind the scenes shots of the film-makers at work. All photos courtesy Oma Eicher.

Elaborate sets were designed and constructed (Asha did most of the building on the Pizzeria that features heavily in the film).  Note the heavy use of cello tape (thanks to the non-union workmen employed in this shoot)

[*** Spoiler alert: do not read on if you have tender hearts ***]  The main cinematographer goes in for close-ups of Gorbage and Smaug - intergalactic renegades piloting a starship to a catastrophic or serendipedous end (your pick).

As with all art-films - a lot of discussion goes in about angles and fade-ins - the need to get the right atmosphere for the tender emotions being portrayed is crucial.  After all the actors are all rather plastic and so it is up to the cinematographer to draw out emotion and pathos from his little yellow crew.

Stay tuned - Daud Prakash films is just about to release a corker!


  1. patience dear friends... patience... all will soon be clear!