Friday, 27 April 2012


We need to be refreshed.

So what else is new?

As we live out our lives with people who are struggling with HIV (and many, many other things as well), we find ourselves more and more worn out.

That's why since the beginning of our time at JSK we have always tried to take time away to be refreshed - to retreat.

Looking back over the years we have had some wonderful times of  togetherness - times when we were able to escape from the daily life of JSK and be out in God's beauty.  Be refreshed by God's word and fellowship with each other.
a time of worship at our retreat in Pune in 2010

Today JSK has turned a corner.  We are now running a 6 bedded hospital.  There are 3 very sick people being cared for as I write this.  Our nurses are on 24 hour duty.  Our doctor is on call.

Going to Khandala, or Pune, or Kedgaon is not possible this year.  At least not if we want all of us to be together.

So we are doing our Staff Retreat 'on-site' this year.  All of us together. Not leaving our premises for long - other than small outings to the National Park and a local amusement park on the last day.

There may be rumblings and grumblings - but this is the challenge of community - to hold on to each other - to bear with each other - to include even when it costs you something.  That's love in practice.  Fairly easy to talk about - pretty hard to put into action.

We are blessed that Sam and Margaret Thomas are coming from Dehra Dun to minister to us.  The theme that we will be following through this weekend is 'Living your Dream' an exploration of the life of Joseph.  We will be walking through our stories individually and as a group - linked with the story of Joseph who lived over 4000 years ago - but whose steps of faith continue to challenge and amaze.

Ultimately, it is not just a change of scene that will change our weary hearts.  We could go to Hawaii and still come back heavy-hearted to face the tremendous challenges in the lives of the people around us.  What we need is a refreshing from within.  A renewal of our inner person.  A step into the recreated people that God wants us to be.

May we move forward with joy.  We need to be refreshed.  Lets plunge in. 

The retreat starts in 2 hours from my typing these words.  May the results be lasting!

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