Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bye bye Black Beauty

Later today Asha, Enoch and I will pile onto an old friend for a final whiz.

The dear 'Black Beauty' our 2004 Honda Activa scooter has been an old friend.  It got swirled under the flood during the 2005 deluge.  It had one or two bumps - including a memorable one where my angel(s) worked overtime it seems.  It had all 4 of us Eichers on it many a time - but now even 3 of us is hard going - esp. if two of us are the Eicher parents.

Sadly, it was showing signs of entropy.  Rust - our ancient foe - was sprouting.  The rear bar - which had a stepney on it - fell off one fine day - and there was so much juddering and clanging at the time - that I did not even notice its loss for a day!

Sheba has for some time felt strongly that we need to move on - and that the dear scooter should be sold.  But who would buy it? 

Repairs have been taking place with alarming frequency - and the local mechanics are not sitting idle - the Eicher 'Black Beauty' has put more than one chicken into someone's dinner curry!

And so we come to the end of 8 years with an old friend.

Last week we talked to an eager dealer - who offered a certain sum for it as a trade-in.  Today we are driving the Black Beauty to that dealer - and will be handing over her keys to the man.

Within the next fortnight we are expecting a new member of the Eicher family.  One that will look pretty much like this:

Welcome Nano!

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