Friday, 21 October 2011

Rest - with a bit of water mixed in

Finding rest remains an elusive part of our lives.

In the last few months our visitors have usually asked us a question:  when do you rest?

The answer is normally a silence.  Or a muttering.

One family left behind a lovely gift - an envelop with the specific instructions to use the contents to get away and do something.

We did.

A morning bus n auto ride took us to the Gorai creek ferry warf.  There we got on a motorised ferry that took us over the creek to a set of twin amusement parks.

Being there early in the morning gave us a run of the place.

Driving skills were honed.

As were flying skills!

Ride after ride.

Including some that were literally stomache churning.

The brave Eichers passed them all with delight.

But some folks didn't.  We saw some of our fellow revelers providing some extra protein for the plants after some of the more vigorous rides.

I was amazed at Asha - who went along with me on a ride that had us spinning round and round - head over heels -  for what seemed like an eternity.  She weathered it like a pro - and even said that she wanted to do it again as I staggered out at the end.

The beauty of the day was to be together as the four of us.  Together and enjoying it to the hilt.

But the highlight was yet to come.

Since we bought tickets to both the parks - we headed over to the other one just before noon.

This park had water.  Lots of it.

We plunged in.

Swimming lessons for free! With your own personal trainer!

And pleasantly sore muscles the next day - ones that have not seen a workout for many a year!
The afternoon literally floated by.

Kids - big and small enjoyed the various water slides to the fullest.

The smiles say it all.

It was a day of rest.

A day to be together.

Something we need to do more of.  Lots more!


  1. For my parents it was hard to go anywhere and not be roped in to do something. Our holidays invariably had to include visiting relatives, attending a conference or speaking somewhere. I only remember 3 times we went away just to spend time as a family and with no other agenda. I will always remember those days. One of those times we went to a water park. Your blog post brought back some lovely memories.

  2. Rest is a word that seems so remote, I am always rushing ,planning , even in dreams, getting up exhausted as if I have been on call in my sleep.Just the other day I was thinking of a hiding place where I could catch some sleep.
    You blog has left me longing!

  3. Thanks dear Friends for your beautiful comments. We so need to take Sabbath to heart - and even in all the chaos around us retreat to the joy that the Lord sets before us as family.

    One of the things that my parents did with us when we were small was to read with us every night. This was a small refuge in a very busy life for them - and for us of course. The annual family holiday was another one.

    But now we see how much it must have cost them...