Saturday, 22 October 2011


Three envelopes.  White. Crisp. New.

Each of them with our JSK address and symbol printed in blue on the lower left hand corner.

He took them out of his pant pocket and looked at me with such gratitude

His three children had been tested for HIV.

The envelopes enclosed the test reports for his kids.

I didn't need to have them opened.  I could read the result on his face.

All three are HIV negative.

"God has heard your prayers" He told me.

We had prayed earlier in the week.  He was lying on the bed with a blood transfusion dripping into his veins.

Now we were in my office.  Madan had come by to tell me the good news that his children were HIV negative and to thank God.

We face many ugly things every day.  And we thank God for small miracles like this.

Madan and his wife have a long way to travel.  They are both HIV positive and Madan has not been well at all.  But he is back on his feet - and his pocket had three white envelopes which showed that his kids are HIV negative.

We rejoice at every scrap of good news.  These are what hope is built on.  They are post-cards of the Kingdom that is yearning to be fulfilled.  And for which our hearts ache in anticipation.

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