Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bombay Burger

Yesterday we feasted on Wada Pav.

An amazing woman - Asha David - had come to visit us. She used to work in our home for some time - but has been running a home for kids that others do not care for along with her husband for the last half decade.

Whenever Asha comes she wants to serve. Yesterday it was making Wada Pavs for us.

And Asha's service does not come in small quantities. She made 30 of the savory 'Bombay Burgers.'

The kids (and the kids' parents) were delighted. Wada pav for lunch. Wada pav for the kids' snack at school. Wada pav for supper. Even a few for today's breakfast - with the last one going into Enoch's school bag for his recess snack this afternoon.

Supper was a grand affair - with Asha David's gulab jamuns providing a chaser!

Asha David and her husband are performing the herculean task of looking after 30 kids. They survive on a wing and many prayers. Sheba spent time talking and praying with Asha. There were tears.

The world spins round the better for people like Asha and David. Forgotten, quiet heroes - being used by God to do amazing things that most of us in our comfort and apathy do not even consider.

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