Sunday, 3 October 2010


I am writing from CMC Vellore. Its pathetically late at night. And I am about to get up at 4.45 am to attend a sunrise service on college hill. I am typing on a small netbook that Kenny David is allowing me to use. The coffee Judy gave me tonight has done its trick. Its a happy 2.30 AM now.

I travelled down here to to the Shiloh Students' Mission Conference to meet medical and nursing students. To talk about what we are hoping for a Jeevan Sahara Kendra. To meet some of the amazing folks who make up the Christian Medical College. And yes, I was also hoping to meet some of the dear friends who have been part of Sheba and my walk over the last 15 odd years.

I got all I wanted - in spades.

It was remarkable to be with what must be something like 400 odd medical and nursing students and graduates - all at different levels - who are hungry for God and want to live out their lives for Jesus through their profession.

I had gone to speak with students - but am so blessed by the amazing speakers who poured out their hearts - Dr. John Joseph, Bro Augustine Jebakumar, Dr. Victor Choudhurie, Dr. Rajkumar Ramachandran, Dr. Stephen Alfred, Drs. Isaac and Vijila David... We are blessed with people who have lived life well - and are here to challenge the next gen.

"Take your candle... go light the world." An amazing end to Day 1. To have a room full of light - that of 300 plus candles - forming a waving constellation of light and song. And knowing that each person present can make such a huge difference.

All through the day it was such a privilege to meet medical and nursing students and interns. To see how each life can be used for God's glory. To spur each other on to making wise and courageous choices about our careers.

It was a special privilege for me to participate in seminar on leadership by Dr. Vinod Shah. Dr. Shah helped us look at the story of the servant girl and Namaan the Assyrian General with fresh eyes. Having worked with Dr. Shah in EHA - it was a privilege to see him share from his vast experience in simple terms - and to know that he continues to live out this leadership with humility and love for God.

Did we find the person that we are hoping will join us at JSK? I don't know. I got to meet many wonderful people and was again struck by the need across our country for people to serve in the many challenging opportunities that we have. Perhaps one of the conversations that I had may end up with one or more people joining us here. And if one of the conversations helped nudge someone to join another of the many excellent organisations who came to SHILOH then I will be thrilled. The needs are so great - and so are the opportunities to help shape destinies!

Dr. Alex Philip, Dr. Kenny David, Brian David and moi!

A final word. What a great privilege to meet so many of our friends with whom we have traversed the past 15 years of work. I was graciously hosted by Drs. Kenny and Judy David with whom I had worked at Nav Jeevan Hospital in Satbarwa, Jharkhand. The list of remarkable people is a yard long - and what a privilege it is to walk a little further on the road together.

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