Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Home. We all long for it.

I was away from the family for a mere 80 hours last week. Its been a long time since I did some serious wandering. The time in Vellore was superb - filled chock-a-block with meeting old pals - and making a serious number of new ones. But a significant part of my inner geography was questing for Sheba and Asha and Enoch.

And what a sweet joy to step out of the lift at 11.30 PM and see the poster waiting for me. Then to ring the bell and dissolve into the embraces of my lovely ladies (Enoch had nodded off some time before - so his embraces were received the next morning).

We long for home. We have a hunger to belong. To be safe. To be secure.

Even if we don't experience it to the level that I am tasting it at this point - the very nature of this soft ache points us towards the reality of a true home. We may be a third-culture kid who has roamed the world and is looking for roots. Or we may be a person who has lived in one place all their life - and yet knows that there must be more than what we experience - something / some place of complete acceptance - a place of true rest.

A certain sage called Phil B once took us through a Bible study where he talked about how Jesus become home-less, so that we could find our way home. As humanity we have wandered far away - and yet eternity still rests in our hearts - pushing us towards our home with God if we will listen - if we will accept the loving hand of a man who did not have a place to lay his head - but who has gone to prepare a place for us.


  1. Amazing, Bhai.

    Very true, nothing can satisfy us here on earth, but we all have some kind of seance that i do not belong to this world. So we some how push our self towards real home. No "pain" only "Gain".

    Blessings and Love


  2. Andi -- thanks for sharing this journey with us!