Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ranchi ho!

Going to Ranchi. My mind goes back almost 3 decades ago 28 years to when I ventured out on my first real 'journey' - a trip from Bombay to Ranchi.

I was a callow 13 year-and-a-few-odd-months-old. Those were the days before there were direct trains from Bombay to Ranchi. I took a train to Patna. Then was supposed to be picked up at the railway station by someone from OM and put on the bus the next morning.

It was the days before mobiles. The days when even phones were scarce.

No one came to meet me at the railway station. I ended up sleeping the night on the platform. The next morning I took the first bus down to Ranchi.

The thrill of travelling on my own. Of exploring things and making decisions. The joy (and relief) of making it safely to people who love you.


Tomorrow we head off to Ranchi in a very different fashion. As a family we will be flying with Kingfisher Red from Mumbai to Patna and then on to Ranchi. Leaving Mumbai 11.40 AM - arriving in Ranchi at 3 PM. To do it all in so short a time...

We are off to the Evangelical Medical Fellowship of India's National Conference - held once every 2 years. This time Sheba has been asked to share her story on one of the evenings. We are also hoping to meet budding doctors and interns and tell them about the opportunities at the expanding work at Jeevan Sahara Kendra.

And then there is the matter of meeting so many old friends. And making new ones of course. And going up to our old hospital - Nav Jeevan Hospital - which will be kicking off its 50th anniversary celebrations with an all-campus dinner and a special chapel on the morning of the 18th which we and some of the old stalwarts of yester-year will be attending.

Ranchi - here we come! This week is going to be a dream...

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