Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Its sobering when someone younger than you has cancer.

Wungram Shishak is just the person I would never think of with leukemia - bright, complex, straddling multiple worlds - this Naga with grace - Burma-specialist - US State Dept honcho - father-of-lovely-kids - thinker and soul-traveller is now working through various rounds of chemotherapy.

Woodstock School - where Wungram and his future wife Gennie were both in my brother's class - and the years after in college where our paths criss-crossed in the joy of learning - seem all very distant today. But the news of Wungram's diagnosis have brought everything back with a new urgency. Life is real - and every bit is very precious.

For a ground view of what it means to fight through cancer - do look up his reports - the first which has just come in. You can read the low-down by clicking: here. You will need to sign in, but it is well worth it. Wungram needs prayer as he walks through these valleys. His wife Gennie and their kids and others who are working through the relentless logic of cancer. Pray dear friends.

For another amazing story, click here, to see the way that Janelle Van Beek worked through her brain tumor. God is alive and is often found in the cancer ward.

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