Wednesday, 28 January 2009



All in less than 2 seconds.

A pack of dogs were tearing into an outsider. The fight spilled out on the road. A passing auto-rickshaw slammed its brakes and tried to avoid the dogs - hitting one in the process. With a sickening thud it turned turtle.

We rushed out of our office. A deep sickening feeling as we grabbed the vehicle to set it right. Below the chassis was the driver. Was he moving? Yes, he started to move. Passengers - at least one - holding his leg in pain. A few seconds more and the driver started taking control. Miraculously - though the auto had rolled on him - he seemed just bruised. His passenger was worse off. The leg was at least bruised if not fractured.

The assembled men dusted off the driver and the passenger took his seat again. This time clearly in pain. The driver tried the engine. The sturdy Bajaj motor spluttered to life. The little green vehicle stuttered forward and soon puttered away towards a hospital.

Spectators and helpers, who had rushed out now melted back. The green leafy street outside our office returned to the hot mid-day quietness. A few small pieces of debris all that showed from the accident. And the 9 stray dogs - with one still holding his tail firmly between his legs - took up their strategic positions on their road again.

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