Thursday, 29 January 2009


Faith is taking God at his word.

Mrs. Laila told this story at the recent Positive Friends meeting.

She is illiterate. Has lost her husband to AIDS. Is HIV positive herself.

She sells dried fish. She is a child of God.

Mrs. Laila has 2 sons. One lives with her. One is married and lives in the village. He has given her much grief - especially since he has drunk a lot in the past.

Last month she got a call from her daughter-in-law. Their child had a bad boil on the face and it was not getting better. She told Mrs. Laila that they were going to go to do some rituals to rid the boil from the child.

Mrs. Laila demanded to talk to her son. In no uncertain terms she told her son that she was a follower of Jesus and would not see any other rituals being done. "The boil will go away by Christmas" she told her son "do not do anything - I will pray".

And pray she did. For 8 days. Fasting and praying to her God.

The day before Christmas, the boil burst on its own. The pus drained out.

On Christmas day the child was perfectly normal.

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