Saturday, 24 January 2009


I was talking to 2 friends at a marriage reception last night. Both of them are finding the pressures of work almost unbearable. Sheba and I are in a different position - our work is not the same as our friends - but I have been chronically tired now for at least a year - falling asleep while sitting down - sometimes even when praying (surprise!).

But what about Daniel. How was he able to govern a massive, complex empire with 127 provinces - and yet worship God at (a minimum of) 3 times each day. His enemies could find no corruption and no sloth in him. The King later says refers to "the God whom you serve with all your heart". The King had no cause for complaint with Daniel's work - in fact, seeing the quality of his work - he steadily promoted him - ending up with a situation where this man who had been brought as a prisoner to Babylon was not the second in command of the whole empire.

Would that this would be true of me. If I had enemies and if they came snooping into what I am doing and who I am - they will find many instances that are wrong and that I would be ashamed of showing.

Daniel is a light and an example - but just a shadow the amazing attributes that we so fully see in the person of Jesus.

Our challenge is to see His lordship in every part of our lives. We can become like Daniel. Its possible - because the same God who listened to Daniel and helped Daniel and others to act decisively is the God who is alive today - and very alive to our issues too.

May the Lord bless you in all you do!

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