Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Living Legends

A true legend refuses to believe he is one - or that she is one.

In our path through life we have been privileged to rub shoulders with a number of men and women whom God has used in amazing ways.

One of them is Dr. Sheila Gupta.

Age? Didn't ask - but clearly has been around for many a year. This amazing lady been helping others, sharing the word, encouraging and healing for over 50 years.

Among the many she ministered to was Bro Bakht Singh.

We met her earlier in July at Mukti Mission in Kedgaon - the remarkable place which ministers to many women and children who are abandoned by others.

It was evening and we sat outside her simple room in the twilight. Bro John Forbes - who was with us - sang a beautiful acappella song. Dr. Sheila was deeply touched.

As we talked, we looked at the roots and stump of a large tree which was in the corner of her small garden. A few weeks before she had just said good-bye to a servant of God who had visited her, and had gone indoors when a loud sound came and she saw the tree fall down on the spot where they had just bade fare-well.

The huge tree had had its roots eaten up by white ants. No one would have known it would fall in the middle of the afternoon on a windless day.

How much of our lives are like that - it all seems so strong and sure - but beneath is rotteness.

Dr. Shiela came out and thanked God for protection. The God's servant had turned back briefly - they said good bye again - and he was on his way.

A small laugh by Dr. Shiela as she told us the story - and then a heartfelt prayer for us. We are so blessed to meet with the depth of what God does - using simple people to further His glory in a broken world.

post script:
Dr. Shiela told us that someone had forced her to use a mobile phone. The next day one of the senior staff told us how Dr. Shiela uses it - to send SMSs of encouragement and Bible verses at all hours. There are those who are perpetually young - esp. those who burn with holy fire...

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