Wednesday, 3 October 2007

59 days to go!

The count-down has started!

59 short 24-hour periods, 59 sun-ups and sun-downs, 59 spins of the planetary ball ... and we have showtime!

Astravidh sing about women trapped in prostitution at the inaugural YAA Festival 06

Youth Against AIDS Fest 2007 - Lead the Change takes off on World AIDS Day - Dec. 1st.

This year's World AIDS Campaign continues the basic slogan of Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise with a theme of Leadership. As people who are committed to seeing change happen - and that too the long-term fruit-that-lasts kind of change - we want to see young people at the forefront - hence Lead the Change - go against the flow - make a difference, for real!

We are planning what we hope to be a really stand-out time for young people to take the lead and make a difference - to get the word out that it pays to live life like God wants us to.

The YAA Fest 07 is planned as a 1/2 day event where young people will show their talents and learn - be challenged - and model the kind of Christian counter-culture that our Lord demands from his radical followers.

We have a huge amount of work to be done till then - and need all the inputs we can get. Please get the word out. The website will be refreshed soon - and the publicity stuff is just around the corner.

We have zeroed in on St. John's school, Thane as the venue - and need a real prayer-breakthough to see this materialise.

There are tons of details - the seminars - the booths - the mini-AIDS-film-fest - the open stage - the T-shirts.... any volunteers are deeply and totally requested to come in the flesh to the JSK centre on Wed. Oct 24th from 6-9 PM for our first major volunteer meeting. Commonunion - a feature band this year - is scheduled to play a short set that evening - and we will be laying out the details for volunteers.

Those unable to come - please pray - and suggest - and communicate. There are a lot of things that we need to hammer out - and the more inputs we get the better!

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