Saturday, 16 January 2016

To tell a tale...

In what could easily be an album cover for a rock star who has seen the world and sung the blues... we present our dear Mum!

Mum has certainly seen the world - from her childhood in the ebb of the 3rd Reich and the years under the Marxists of the 'German Democratic Republic' to her European wanderings as a refugee and then her God-guided coming to India and all that happened after that.

As for the blues?  She has seen much suffering and has gone through deep valleys herself, but has emerged with a love supreme.  And keeps putting her hope in the One whose sufferings overflow for our comfort - and allows us to comfort others in any kind of grief.

Mum's mean new look is actually her meekly obeying a doctor rather than poses as a rebel without a cause.   She had a cataract operation last week, had a check up this week and is due for her next operation on Thursday the 21st.   The ophthalmic surgeon put in an intra-ocular lens and will do the same for the other eye.  Mum did great in her first round and we are praying for the same for the second.

In the mean time, Dad has to care for her after all the months when she was caring for him.  

That's what God created us for in marriage ... in sickness and in health, till death do us part!

Sheba's parents have stepped into their 50th year of marriage this past week - and we are already looking forward to celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary in Jan 2017.   Mum and Dad's marriage has been growing stronger since Dec. 23rd 1967 - so we will be celebrating at the end of 2017.

In the meantime, gentle readers, I would like your prayers and suggestions as I try and help Mum and Dad write the stories of their lives over the next 6 months.  

If you had the opportunity to read Mum and Dad's story - how would you like it written?  Should it be in a first-person voice?  or a 3rd person?   What parts of their lives should it focus on?  Where to even start - should it be a clear linear story or should we go back and forth?

There are so many tales to tell - and what an opportunity to share about how God has graciously touched and used two ordinary people in amazing ways - and how He continues to shape them more and more into His character.

Stay tuned ... and please send us your advice - either directly on the blog or to  


  1. I would love to read their stories!

  2. Andy, maybe mix the voices. Episodes of the children or Ray retelling their memories mixed with Christa's own voice and colour commentary

  3. Thanks for the advice John! Eric, you can order your copy at... oops that is a long way away!