Saturday, 9 January 2016

Mum's turn on the table

Mum had an operation yesterday.

It was planned.  It lasted 15 minutes. 

One cataract out.  One more to go.

Mum was diagnosed with cataracts in both of her eyes in the last week of her time here in Thane.  We first thought of having her come back to Thane in February for the operations, but then felt it would be better to do them sooner rather than later.

Dad took her to Dehra Dun on the 5th for some tests and she finally got operated on the 7th.

There were 15 other people waiting for their turn.

Dad writes: Mom said she noticed that all the others were old men and women and then all of sudden realized that she too was one of them!

After the operation, Mum and Dad spent the night with Solomon and Ruby Bison at the New Theological Seminary.  They went to the surgeon to remove the bandage this morning and were up in Mussoorie before tea.

She has been told not to 'strain her eyes' for the next month. 

Operation No. 2 is in a fortnight.

Thanks for your prayers. 

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