Wednesday, 30 December 2015

On a hill, far away... and down here in the valley.

Way up in the mountains of Mussoorie, this is the view you get.

Our dear Gindy Miley is visiting Mum and Dad over Christmas and snapped this shot, looking out of one of the windows. You can feel the crisp coldness as the first rays of the rising sun caress the landscape.

Here in Thane with the fans clanking and the traffic growling outside at 11 PM at night, and our house in a whirl-wind of flotsam and jetsam as we are about to dive into one of the busier days of our lives:

Guests? Yes - American family due to show up at 5.30 AM at our doorstep. Looks like they will be around all day. We plan to give them breakfast and then transition them to one of the rooms at Jeevan Sahara Kendra where they can camp out.

Eventful day? Yes - our last day of work at Jeevan Sahara Kendra. We received our joining letters from the Emmanuel Hospital Association today. A big step forward. I will be serving as the director for Community Health and Development while Sheba is set to be a medical consultant at the hospital and beyond.

Many unfinished things? Check - things to write, documents to get from the bank, various levels of craziness ... and also our last JSK prayer letter to write too.

Tearful goodbyes? Of course. We had a few of them this afternoon at our 'last' Positive Friends support group meeting. We have had them in our clinic. Dear, dear friends who we have been part of for so many years... and now we are 'heading out.' Painful. Bitter sweet.

 Last staff meeting? Definitely.  Difficult things to talk about? Yes. Time of prayer to be had with dear colleagues? Affirmative.

Packing left to do? Ji han! But we are too tired and so the suitcases are still hungry... we leave this home in 30 hours from now for our 28 hour train trip to Vishakapatnam. Jai ho!

Big church meeting being held at our home tomorrow night? Yes, my friend. We are Eichers are we not. The 'watch-night' service where we look back on the year with joy and look ahead with wonder. Sheba, Annie and Asha have been working on making beautiful 'promise cards' over the last 3 days. We are so glad to be part of this wonderful group of broken-people-being-made-whole-by-our-wonderful-saviour. God is so good. How beautiful are these days we have together.

Ready for our holiday? Oh yes. Lord of the Rings packed. Unopened board games packed (never mind clothes and stuff like that...). Chips and eggs purchased for the train trip.

We are raring to go - but have a few things to do before we can get off! Your prayers most gladly accepted.

See you next year! I have some packing to do while the Eicher household sleeps peacefully!

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