Friday, 11 December 2015

Future colleagues... coming right up!

"And te tide and te time þat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet."

Got that?  It's English.  Only 800 years ago.  St. Mahrer is said to have written this in 1225 which rendered into more prosaic Victorian sounding English goes as follows: "the tide abides for, tarrieth for no man, stays no man, tide nor time tarrieth no man" (all this gyan fresh off 'the internet' of course).

Today we say "Time and tide wait for no man."

Time certainly seems slipping away.  This day is minutes from being over.  December is rushing by like a Mumbai fast local train.  2016 is peeping around the corner.

And so what looks like our immediate future.

Take a look at some of our colleagues from the next lap of life for the Eichers.

This shot was taken 10 days ago at the Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital in Lalitpur.  It was on the occasion of the Regional Advisory Committee meeting so the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA's) North and Central Regions.  Near the centre, wearing a white shirt is Dr. Sunil Gokavi who serves as the Executive Director of EHA, next to him in the olive green shirt is Dr. Ashok Chacko who was my first 'boss' in EHA many moons ago as he was in Coordinator for Community Health when I served at the Nav Jivan Hospital in Jharkhand.

Sprinkled among the good folks in this picture are dear friends.  Vikram Tirkey, Dipak Singh, Johnson, our own dear Victor Emmanuel.  And there are folks that we don't know, but look forward to working along with.

This picture was posted by Biju Mathew who is the administrator and head of the HBM Hospital which hosted the meetings.

At present we are planning for me to start up at Lalitpur on the 19th of January (5 weeks from now!) with me going up to Lalitpur for 2 week spans during Jan, Feb and March.  After the school year ends for Asha and Enoch, we then hope to shift as a family in early April.

Lots to look forward to.  Onwards!

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