Friday, 12 April 2013

Two fifth-standard students... many a year ago

Today was the last day of school for Asha and Enoch.  End of sixth standard for Asha - end of fourth for Enoch.   A day and an age ago Sheba and I were 'in between' them - in firth standard.

Sheba was in Rourkela, Orissa at the Mount Carmel Convent School.  I was at the Cathedral and John Connon School in Bombay.

Last week Niby James - who is one of Sheba's classmates linked us up with a picture of her class - with her drawing teacher Ms. Gulshan Gandhi.  Sheba is fourth from the right in the first row.  That same beautiful smile there for all to see!

Amazingly I also have a picture of my 5th standard class.  One the other side of India - this is what I looked like then with our beloved classroom teacher Mrs. Mahableshwarwala.   No prizes for finding out which one of them I am!

Interesting to note that we are both sitting the third position on the right of our teachers!

Who knows where the life-partners of our kids are having their annual school photo taken at this time?

We are glad that Asha and Enoch have had another good year at school.  Now the holidays stretch out before them till mid June.  Books are to be read, friends are to be met, small hikes to get us ready for Mussoorie....  ah the joys of summer are upon us!

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  1. That's quite a coincidence. Wish you a great time of summer holidays.