Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Fresh wind from heaven

We face many challenges each day - many of which are very hard to deal with - some which we really do not have answers to at all.

So where does our help come from?

Sheba has put something into practice which has sustained her through so much - and which is a constant challenge to me.   She spends time in the presence of the Lord.  Quiet time.  Reading eagerly.  Singing.  Praying.  It has proved to be a boon for her - over and over again.

For the last few weeks she has been having her special time with God in a corner of our front room. 

The other day she said that she gets 'fresh wind from heaven.'

We are who we are - living in so much grace - in large part due to Sheba's joyful, earnest, consistent investment in spending time alone with God.

What better can a man hope for than such a life-partner, a fellow pilgrim who has her feet on the solid rock.

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  1. sir will you please convey my joyful birthday wishes to sheba akka ... i.e on 4th april right?? i really hope i am.
    sir, pls ignore this if i am wrong :)