Monday, 25 February 2013

Water Babies

What a blessing grand-parents are.

How we wish they were with us all the time.

But in the last 10 days our wishes have come true - at least for a 3 week period!

Our beloved Oma and Opa are with us. 

And Oma – determined German lady that she is – had a plan.  She was determined that Enoch and Asha learn to swim.  

This was to be this year’s birthday present – and what a present it is turning out to be.  Almost as soon as Oma arrived she was scouting around.  The nearest swimming pool was investigated and found to be giving swimming lessons for a fee.  The fees were paid and the lessons began!

When Oma had called up before she came and told us of her plan, she was asked whether another person could also learn.  Yes!  Was Oma’s enthusiastic response when Sheba wanted to learn to swim too. 

And so every morning from 9-10 am Oma goes with Enoch to the pool  - and then in the afternoon from 3-4 PM she goes with Asha and Sheba for their lessons.

The results are wonderful.

The initial days were limited to holding the bar on the side and kicking – and the practicing kicking while holding a floatation board in the front – while having a float strapped around the waist.

After 4 days of practice, we have 3 bona fide water babies.  Asha was the first to graduate from the board to swimming with just a float on her back – and finally- with a mighty splash she has started swimming without any flotation device. 

Enoch has followed suit and late last week  swam without the aid of floats.    

Sheba is coming close behind and has managed to swim without the board on the same afternoon – and looks forward to kissing the waist float goodbye soon too!

Having grown up with the blessing of being a member of a swimming pool - it is such a joy to know that I will no longer be the 'know-swimming' minority in my family!

You also have to hand it to our determined Oma.  Seeing the progress that her wards are making - she also is taking lessons in learning the 'crawl' since all her life she only knew how to swim 'breast-stroke' (which in German is wonderfully called 'frog-style').  You have to hand it to our 75 year old learner!

And so we leave this post with a final pic of one of our newly minted water-babies!

Triumph!  Enoch swimming without board or floats! 

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