Monday, 25 February 2013

Carbon Copy

"You're a chimp off the old block" was one of the many corny things that Dad said about me in our growing up years.

Once as an 8 year old, while on summer holiday in Kodaikanal, I was wandering about on my own after church - when a lady who was a stranger to me asked me a question.  Would I by any chance be Ray Eicher's son?  Because I looked so much like he used to when he was a student there.

But being like your parents is not just a matter of looks.  Its also mannerisms.  And now it seems that its even a deeply engrained style of fashion (or lack of it).

We all burst out laughing last week when at the dinner table we realised that Dad and I were dressed exactly alike.   

Take a look!

Note the close cropped hair (I am leading in the baldness stakes - something that I get from Mum in this case - her dad was completely bald by 30).

Observe the pen in the pocket.

Note the shade of the shirt. 

This particular shirt is one that I wear in high rotation.  Almost as soon as it has been washed and is back in the cupboard, it finds its way back on me.

I noticed that Dad's version has a similar tendency to show up often.  After the photo was taken, we already had another day when both of us were sporting the same colour shirt.

But here is the clincher.  When I looked down, I found out that we were wearing the same colour pants too.  And that our shirts seem habitually out of the pants instead of being primly tucked in.

So here for your viewing pleasure - our version of a carbon copy!  Like father, like son...

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