Friday, 16 March 2012

An image from the past

A photograph can serve as a slice of time. A voice from the past. A peg on which memories hang.

This picture is of the marriage of Sheba's third uncle, now deceased.  Their first daugther Agnesamma Karri (Sheba's first cousin) works with us now at Jeevan Sahara Kendra as a nurse.  Her mother still lives in the same village. When Agnes went home for her annual leave, she returned with this gem of a photo.

 The whole family was together in Andhra Pradesh for the wedding in the anscestral village of Lankalakoderu.  Sheba and her three siblings take the front row.  From left: Sheba (pig tails), Peter, Daisy (pigtails and clutching her Bible) and Sarah (short hair - but the pigtails will come later).  Another village girl makes up the fifth child in front.

Seated are - second from left - Mary (Sheba's aunt), the happy couple, then Sheba's maternal grandmother, Sheba's mother and a grand aunt.

Standing behind (from left) are Sheba's second uncle, her maternal grandfather (carrying another child) and her father.

Where is her third uncle?  Maybe he took the photo!


  1. Pictures like this are a treasure. Drying out Liz & Priya's photos(soaked in the recent Henryville tornado), has given us many smiles. We have all grown so much and it's good to remember that the Lord has known us from the beginning. AND loves us still. Amazing!

  2. Thanks Yvonne! The strange thing is how some of our oldest memories almost have a sepia tone to them - since they are anchored in photos (esp. for us in the b/w photo era). You are dead on right - God loved us from the beginning - and continues to love us now! (1 John 3.1)

  3. Sheba akka and her siblings, they all look so cute :)
    i still have one Sarah akka's 1st std school(carmel) photo(she has 2 lil side-pony tails in it ) :)