Sunday, 28 June 2009


Man was created to be free - yet everywhere he is in chains.

How many of the chains are self-imposed? How many are ones that we have become so used to that we don't even think of them as impediments anymore?

Talking to those who had decided to follow him, Jesus said that "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

Are we brave enough to take a good look at where we actually are? What are my priorities - what things do I value - will they last?

With 1/2 of 2009 already having slipped away - its good to take stock.

This weekend we met two families who were going through deep waters. Though we didn't know it - they actually live quite close to each other on the other side of Mumbai town. We spent time listening and talking to them. Both are from the same linguistic back ground. Both have young people who have faced serious and unexpected setbacks in their educational careers. Both have shed many tears.

But the difference is this: one family is trying to do things on their own - working it out - saying that everything is alright - while at the same time finger-pointing at each other. The other is sorrowful but trusting God. The latter family needs comfort and guidance just as much as the former - but there is a huge difference in their outlook and hope. Knowing God does not mean smooth sailing - but it does mean that in the rough waters they know someone is with them.

Chains? Unseen and unacknowledged in the former family. Being recognised and worked through in the latter - with help from loving Father.

Come unto me, all you who are weak and heavy-laden - and I will give you rest.

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