Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hands and eyes

What does the eye see? What do hands hold?

Sight - do we look at the glitter of the outward? or do we search for underlying webs of relationships? of giving and taken for the benefit of the few?

Touch: what are our hands doing? When free are they building or destroying? The hands above probably have caressed a face. They are tied together because they have been found with traces of explosives on them - a dead give-away in the on-going sectarian carnage in Iraq.

And yet our wondrous hands and eyes also unlock so much what is not seen yet.

Like the endangered glass frog found in remote jungles in Latin America.

Or this stunning beauty of a frog. Entirely new to science - one of the many species only now being discovered.
Would that we would use our hands and eyes for seeing beauty rather than burning trains.

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