Friday, 8 May 2009

Strands of hope

We are hosting 25 folks from all over North India - and sharing what we have learned. The training is being conducted by us on request from the Christian AIDS/HIV National Alliance. The participants are network partners from Gujarat to Sikkim and every where in between.

Today our friends went with our staff to meet some of the HIV positive friends we serve with. The experience was overwhelming for our guests.

"Today was the first day I met a person with HIV."

"I was so impressed with the gentle way that your staff behaved with all the family members."

"The lady was so thin and weak. She was sitting in her bed and cutting garlic. That was all she could do. She was too depressed to hear much what we said."

"The man said that he would have been dead. Twice over. If it had not been for the interventions of Dr. Adam and Dr. Sheba."

"She was just bubbling over with joy. I never imagined a person with HIV being like this."

"We went to one house and found it locked. Another and the person was out. But at the third one the lady was so happy. She had gained almost 15 kgs after JSK helped her with her TB."

The stories and impressions are deep. Real people. Real stories of grace. Challenges and hopes. We are very proud of our staff and their faithful service. We salute all the folks who have toiled - day in and day out - to meet people in their homes. To share love. To speak truth. To hold hands. To listen patiently. To challenge and prod. To live a common life with our friends with HIV.

The outside world will hardly notice any change. But lives are being silently knit together. At least partially. At least permanently. Heaven is the richer by far.

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