Thursday, 23 April 2009


Truth is a coin that is often in short supply.

Sadly the consequences of lying are deep and lasting.

We had a dear but very misguided friend visit the clinic today.

During the conversation we talked with her about how she had been living with other men before and how that had led to such damage in her and for her children. Our staff had recently been to this sister's home and found a man lying draped only with a light cloth - and touching the pre-teen daughter of the woman who sat in the cubicle.

When asked about this man she grew angry and asked whether it was a crime to have a relative stay with them. Is he still there? We asked. No, he is gone.

The session did not end on a good note. But worse was to come.

After the lady had left, Sheba came out of the doctor's cabin a short while later. She saw an unknown man coming out of the lab area and leave the centre.

"Who was he?" Sheba asked our counsellor Daniel.

"The man living with the lady who came in," said Daniel.

The blindness of deceit ends up blinding totally.

Here was this lady hotly denying any man was around - when she had come with a man to have him tested for HIV. In the course of his counselling he clearly talked about having sexual relations with the lady who is HIV positive.

Once truth is gone - it takes a long time to find it again. Lies accumulate like flies. And are just about impossible to get rid of on your own strength.


Please join with us in prayer for this broken lady and her broken family. There is still hope... but how long? She has lost 5 kgs recently.

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