Thursday, 16 April 2009

A mirage?

The power goes off at 4 PM every afternoon now.

With the delight of April's sun burning its way across the sky - our little office with its silent fans suddenly becomes a sweatbox.

This afternoon I was talking with a potential staff member - and we abandonned the office to sit out by the side of the road.

Deep in conversation, we were suddenly interrupted by a big Toyota Qualis with a huge saffron flag on the front.

A rousing "hallelujah" came from within - and there - as large a life were a bunch of pastors riding in a Shiv Sena vehicle.

"Praise the Lord" one said loudly to me - "we were looking for you."

I doubt they were. But anyway, up I get.

The surreality only got worse. I am told that the driver has had an attack by Satan. "Please pray for him." I am about to - and am then urged to go around the other side to the driver himself. As I come to him I can see the pamphlets for the local Shiv Sena candidate prominently displayed on the front wind-screen. These chaps are clearly in bed with the Sena.

I pray. What else to do?

The merry padres then tell the driver to head off.

Writing all of this seems too bizarre to be true. But its the absolute veracity. A bunch of pastors is driving around in Shiv Sena vehicle, promoting the cause of the Sena for the upcoming elections - and telling all and sundry that they are doing it to protect and build up the Christian minority community.

Politics makes for some pretty strange sights...

Stay tuned as we plunge into a month of elections - with the outcome being anyone's guess.

Lord help us. Keep us from mocking our leaders. Let us genuinely plead with You for justice and truth and sanity to roll like a river across our dear land.

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