Saturday, 15 September 2007

7 Cousins

One of the great blessings in life are cousins!

Asha and Enoch are blessed with a whole passel of them!

They are certainly wonders - perhaps on par with the 7 modern wonders.

We decided to call them the 7 bhandars of the world.

Here they are - in birth order - and by current residence:
1. Frankie - Phoenix, Arizona, USA
2. Asha - Thane, India
3. Joanna - New Delhi, India
4. Enoch - Thane, India
5. Anmol - Nairobi, Kenya
6. Ashish - New Delhi, India
7. Tammana - Varanasi, India

The photo above was taken this May when Asha and Enoch spent an unforgettable 2 weeks with Joanna in Delhi.

We now have the added joy of having Ashish move into the same neighbourhood - Gautam Nagar - where Joanna lives (and their respective parents of course too!).

The one problem with the 7 bhandars is that they do not see each other as much as we would like.

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